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The 14 Cars With the Lowest Insurance Rates

There is a secret that these companies won’t tell you: the type of vehicle that you drive affects your rates more than which company you choose. If you are ready to save serious cash on your auto insurance, consider one of the following fourteen cars

15 Best Cars to Drive in the Snow

Photo by landrovermena 1. 2015 Land Rover Range Rover MSRP: $87,445 The Land Rover Range Rover is one of the best cars to drive in the snow on the market today. Despite the fact the car is more than 500 pounds lighter that previous model years, it has not lost any of its ‘road hugging’…

10 Ultimate Winter Cars

Although the scenic winter landscapes can be absolutely breathtaking, snow, ice and low temperatures can make driving difficult. Choosing  the right vehicle can help you make your time on the road safer and more comfortable, and there are some vehicles that are designed to perform incredibly well in winter weather conditions. Photo by NavDam84 1.…